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 The art history is only praises in the forms of the women: Titien and Rubens sublimated their sensualism, worshipped Ronsard their "divine corpulence ", praised Alexandre Dumas the woman " Fearless of breast, bent by hips, burning of glance". In the cinema, all and all melted of admiration for the " Charms of Gina " ( Lollobrigida) or the " approach of Marilyn " (Monroe).

In the world of the fashion, Monica Bellucci as Laetitia Casta (re)introduce the sensual beauty, Jean-Paul Gaultier stages the fashion round women by making Beth Ditto scroll and of a lot of brands of plus sizes clothings are born.




If, in the Anglo-Saxon countries and or Scandinavian, as in Italy, brands and sign of ready-to-wear clothing quite naturally accompanied the women sensually curvy  in their new search for elegance and for Glamour, it was not the same in France where the traditional brands stop usually their productions to size L.

The question remains composed today: where to find French clothes when we are a sensual curvy woman, customers who need superior sizes having the choice to buy locally "dedicated clothes" or to buy affordable foreigner via internet ?

In this big return towards eternal beauty of the women, Croissance Mode, new brand of women plus sizes fashion, wants to have a place in your mind and in your wardrobe, with a French offer of young designers of women XL fashion very selective, trendy and perfectly realized going of the size L to the size 3XL (from size 14 to size 26).  





CROISSANCE MODE is a registered trademark by the CROISSANCE company, based established at the end of 2009 by three parents and friends Chantal ANCELE, Guylène LAFARGE and Bernard MULLER with the aim of helping and promoting the productions of young creators of ladies' wear plus sizes and offering so a glamorous French alternative and connected to the women who get dressed as sizes L to 3XL.


WWW.CROISSANCE MODE.COM proposes a new compound forward concept of an offer in 3 sectors (150 French models big cut size fashion and glamour, realized by young creators, planned to be renewed every year at the level of 30 %), completed by 100 to 200 foreign articles chosen as specific applications (lingerie, sportswear, shoes) and by links with partners carefully selected (make-ups, care, relaxation, house, information, culture, …).


The creations of CROISSANCE MODE are young and original, realized in small series to answer better at the request of our customers and be able to adapt our offer, while proposing the best affordable prices.



They are drawn by young stylists, of whom Marie DESTENBERT who worked with the Brazilian creator Marcia De CARVALHO. Computer graphic designer of collections child, woman and lingerie at EURODIF, Marie also worked with the Le MAIRE company.

 " I am versatile and avid not to lock myself into compartments. So when the CROISSANCE MODE project was born, I was touched because I knew that there was something to make. Not easy to get dressed fashionably while finding clothes which emphasize the body of the Curvy women ".

Marie realized a study of the market for Plus Size before dashing into the conception of the models. Of the collaboration was born a unique collection going of L up to 3XL: " Filles de Fées ".


The development of the site is assured by Tatou SERRA. Tatou is a self-taught who worked in the evenementiel and the luxury ready-to-wear clothing. She is responsible for the promotion and for the communication of the site as well as the various events.

"Being a former round, when the Curvy Fashion project CROISSANCE MODE was proposed to me, I was seduced at the idea of being able to bring, not only my experience, but also putting all my skills to bring a trendy clothing, quality offer and within the reach of all these women who were too often neglected by the sector of the fashion, in spite of, it is certain, a more and more visible return on these women all bend it and in curvy.



Kiane KEITA, Top Model of the 80s, singer, journalist / presenter, joined the CROISSANCE MODE family in April 2012 as Ambassador to the Afro-Caribbean community.
'' What I immediately liked when dear friends introduced me to the CROISSANCE MODE team, it is first its enthusiasm and the family side of its approach.
The simplicity of the concept of giving opportunity to young designers, thanks to Chantal ANCELE and Marie DESTENBERT, design youth clothing, trends, sexy and classy, with nice cuts, beautiful materials, a pricing policy extensively studied, for round women. This is my case today and it's also a nice nod made ​​my years as a model thin.
My wish is to succeed in reaching all women plump, big sizes or other voluptuousLadies, by showing them through the CROISSANCE MODE  collections '' THEY ARE ROUND, AND IRRESISTIBLY BEAUTIFUL BY THEIR OWN.'' For  'this is the most important, be in harmony with who you are "



The composition of the ranges, the sourcing, the treatment and processing of the orders and the logistics, it is Chantal ANCELE's main role . Chantal is also a self-taught who worked for a long time in the department of human services. Manager of the company CROISSANCE, she puts a lot of herself into the brand, with her sense of the aesthetics but also her disciplinary, organization qualities and rigorous.



Finally, the administrative and financial management is assured, by Bernard MULLER, alumnus of the ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE DE PARIS,1964. Managing many companies in the past, always in service, he wished to put his experience and his energy and knowledge in the service of the project CROISSANCE MODE to establish solidly, so that the project be registered over time.






The CROISSANCE MODE philosophy is systematically favoring the quality over quantity on the one hand, client satisfaction and pleasure team compared to the strict financial performance on the other.



The philosophy of CROISSANCE MODE is also respecting strictly 5 values :


Respect for women


Respect for people


Search for harmony and beauty


Production quality items, products, services


Respect for economic realities